How it works

Whenever you'd like to add a little happinness to someone's else day, give them a Couscous and include a nice message. Just mention their username, write your message and add a Couscous emoji, it's easy.

Getting started

  • Everyone has 5 Couscous to give out per day.
  • Couscous can only be given in channels Heycouscous is in. To invite Heycouscous to more channels, see Adding Heycouscous to other channels.
Download Emoji
couscous artwork

Adding HeyCouscous. to your

alert icon

Please note: You must use :couscous:

Whatever your emoji needs, you can make it happen with custom emoji. Find all the custom emoji on your workspace by clicking the Slack icon in the emoji picker.


Click your workspace name in the top left to open the menu

acme sites

Select Customize Slack to open your work space's online settings.


Click the Emoji tab


Choose a name for your new custom emoji.


Click the Choose File button to select a file

Images can be JPG, GIf or PNG, up to 128 pixels in width and height and a maximum 64KB filse size. We recommend using a small square picture, as Slack will resize the image to fit neatly inside a row of text.


click Save New Emoji.A confirmation message will appear and you can upload your next emoji.